ASP.NET Video Tutorials
Introduction to ASP.NET
Introduction to ASP.NET

This is introduction to ASP.NET web application development. We download the Visual Web Developer 2008 Express edition and installed it on our computer. Once installed we created a new website, selected the C# as the developing language and chose File System as the location. VWD allows you to work in source view, split view or Design view, depending on your preference

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  1. José Ba

    Hello I just like the way how to teach.
    keep it up and go away.
    I will pay the $ 17 is money well spent.

  2. Jabran


  3. Sayyed Mastan Basha

    Thank you

    This very useful tutorials for beginners
    Really it is very helpful for me


  4. Milo R. Aclaro

    Thanks for ASP basic info.

  5. martin allman

    Very very helpful thank you for giving this to all!

  6. sarah22

    This is helpful

  7. Dhanesh

    Hello I was afraid to learn ASP.NET, but now am be a Confident when I visit your website through Google Search Engines thanks for your post and work its very help to me thank you once again.

  8. mr royal

    pls guide me the easy ican learn

  9. Flower Iqbal

    Very Good style of Teaching

  10. Manish

    how did u make this icon for leave comments below with arrow????plz do reply me would be thank full.I saw your menu navigation video was very nice ..hence going to see al your video…but please do te me how did you write this icon for leave comments below with arrow

  11. eto

    how do i get access to your others tutorials?
    thanks for this one. it great.

  12. Dr Ebby Sargunar

    The best part [besides the slow/deliberate explanation) is the ordered way the topics are numbered and segregated. In so many website it is hard to figure out where tutorials start for different topics and which is the next/previous tutorial.

    Please could you do a series for ADP.NET, Datasets and multiuser applications?

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