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In this video we will be looking at some of the properties of ASP.NET website and its controls. You can add a new page by selecting “Add New Item” from context menu when you right click on the project name. You can have a single file to host your C# code and ASP.NET code or you can separate your ASP.NET codes from C# file. The C# file is known as code behind, and both methods can be used, it is just a matter of preference.

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  1. safz17

    i have a doubt ..when i click my page1.asp i get mypage1.asp.vb not mypage1.asp.cs format. what should i do?

  2. sanaullah khan


  3. usra

    y cnt i c these videos it shows an error of acces denied?

    • admin

      its now working

  4. kala

    Can I get this

  5. piyush

    thank you sir…it’s very good.

  6. sharon

    sir this so helpful
    thank u…

  7. amit saini

    sir plz you post video’s which contains complete (C#) and each and every parts from basic to experts…….i watched your 2 videos…

  8. sarah22

    Good tutorial

  9. vani

    Dear Safz, you have to select visual C# while u r creating a website.

  10. jennifer

    Thanks for sharing an easy way of learning.could you please refer to your c# tutorials.

  11. star11

    Thank you sir

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