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Introduction to ASP.NET
ASP.NET and HTML Controls

ASP.NET Controls are divided into different section such as standard controls, data controls, validation controls, navigation controls, login controls, and HTML controls. The HTML control use a normal HTML tag, but are useful because they allow us to take advantage of .NET framework if we add the runat=”server” property which converts the HTML control to ASP.NET control.

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  1. Diane White

    Excellent site. Excellent tutorials.

  2. Diane White

    Why is the toolbox/left side of the screen cut off from the video? I tried changing my resolution but it’s not me.

  3. nagaraj R

    i could not get all video downloads. kindly help me by the procedures


  4. ckpathak

    Good tutorials very useful for beginners

  5. moulay

    i want videos to connect databases with from

  6. sarah22

    Very good tutorials for ASP beginners

  7. irem

    Very good tutorials for ASP beginners

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    really good tutorials dude.

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