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StyleSheetTheme and Theme Attributes Of A Page Directive

By default Theme will override the properties that has been set to a control in a page. For example if you set the BackColor property of a TextBox to red but you have set the BackColor property inside a skin file for TextBoxes to yellow, the resulting colour will be yellow because Theme will override the properties set within the page. Now imagine a situation where you have set the Skin properties of a control such as TextBox but you want to override the appearance of a single control on the page by using the Control property. This is possible only if you use the StyleSheetTheme attribute instead of the Theme attribute in the Page directive

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  1. N.V.Chakrapani

    Hi, I have gone through this Tutorial, its a good tutorial for the beginners, can u please tell me about data controls and data base operations. Is there any further videos in this tutorial for

  2. sarah

    Thanks for this tutorial

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