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HyperLink control is used to display an hyperlink on a page. It looks very similar to LinkButton but they do different jobs on our website. LinkButton is used to post the form back to the server, but HyperLink is used to link our page to another page on our website or outside of our website. The NavigateUrl must be set to the page that we want our hyperlink to point to. You can also use the ImageUrl property to set an image rather than an hyperlink

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  1. Karan Thakur

    I’m so getting interested in ASP.Net since I started to see your Video tutorials, else I had chosen SQL to be a DBA as my Career. So, I’m keenly looking forward to few more video tutorials to learn more from you… :)

    Can we’ve few more Video Tutorials on:

    Few more Server Controls Like: “AdRotator, Calender, FileUpload, XML, MultiView”
    DAL(Data Access Layer)
    Web Parts

    Till then searching web for more ASP.Net tutorials….

  2. sra1

    How to remove underline for hyperlink without using CSS

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