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The Button control is used to send the form data back to the server for processing. It supports the Enable, OnClientClick and PostBackUrl properties among many others. Two events that are raised are the Clicked event and the Command event which are raised whenever the Button control is clicked. OnClientClick is used to handle any Button client side script such as JavaScript that may be included in the Button Control. It also supports something known as Expando attributes

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  1. preethi

    its really useful.. :)

  2. chen


    I want to thank you for your excellent videos.
    You explain clearly and slowly.
    I wanted to know what other programming languages ​​you have training films?
    And how you can find them on YouTube or Google?
    In addition I have been interested in JQUERY and I wanted to know if you know a good guide to learn from?

    Thank you,

  3. Maliha

    Can u please explain more about PostBackUrl event .. the way u explained Button_click and OnClientClick was really awesome ..

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