ASP.NET Video Tutorials
ASP.NET Server Controls

ASP.NET Server controls includes Button, TextBox and RadioButton controls

Literal and Label Controls


In this video we’ll be looking at the two controls that are used to display text on a web page. Label is different from Literal because Literal does not support any formatting to its text content whereas Label controls support many formatting properties

TextBox Control Properties


TextBox control is used to represent the field where users can type their input into the web application.TextBox control can be used to represent a single line input field, a multi-line input field or a password field, depending on the TextMode property of TextBox that is set

ASP.NET CheckBox Control


In this video we’ll be looking at the checkbox control. Checkbox control allows user to make multiple choices from many options. There are multiple properties supported by CheckBox control such as AutoPostBack, Checked, Text properties etc.

ASP.NET RadioButton Control


In this video we’ll be talking about the RadioButton control. Radio buttons allow user to make one single choice among many available options. The radio buttons are mutually exclusive.

ASP.NET Button Control


The Button control is used to send the form data back to the server for processing. It supports the Enable, OnClientClick and PostBackUrl properties among many others.

ASP.NET Link Button Control


LinkButton control does the same job as the Button control only that it renders an hyperlink rather than a button. It also supports the OnClientClick and PostBackUrl properties.

Form DefaultButton Property


A form may contain many buttons in a page, and we are aware that many of the users are used to pressing the Enter or the Return key on the keyboard to send the form back to the server.

ASP.NET Image Control


In this video we will be looking at how to use the Image Control to display an image on your web page. The most important property is the ImageUrl property that will point to the URL of the image.

ASP.NET Panel Control


Panel allows you to group many ASP.NET controls together so you can easily manipulates these group of controls. For example you can show/hide these groups of controls in a page. Panel renders HTML div tag.

ASP.NET HyperLink Control


HyperLink control is used to display an hyperlink on a page. It looks very similar to LinkButton but they do different jobs on our website.

ASP.NET IsPostBack Property


In ASP.NET you can determine whether a page is loading for the first time or if it is loading as a result of a post back. Post back means that a user has sent the page back to the server after it has originally loaded.

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