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It is better to use CSS with Master pages. Once your master page has been created then it is easy to maintain your codes. If you are not satisfied with a shared content, such as header or footer, all you have to do is modify the Master page and the modification would be reflected across all pages that you have applied the Master page to. Whenever you add a new page to your website, you will get an option to apply any Master to the new page. You can have multiple Master pages in one web application to give different pages a different look and feel.

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  1. Eyal

    thank you very much!

  2. Delvard

    Hello, thanx for the lesson,
    I Appreciate your work and like your web site, it helpful.
    My two requests are 1. Can you make some video about how to include jquery in ? 2. I’d like to get the project file of this video please.
    Hope to read from you very soon.
    Thanx again !!!
    Sincerely Delvard.

  3. Can you email me the css file for this master page please?
    Thank You

  4. sangwa

    hey i really liked the tutorial especially for a master pege and i wish i could find a link to download it.

  5. Jessie

    Hi, Thank you very much for your tutorial “Master Page Layout With CSS”. I like your style sheet very much, just wondering if I can have the css file for my school project. Very much appreciate your help.

    Many thanks,

  6. ricky


  7. sra1

    can u mail me CSS file to my mail id

  8. sra1

    How did you divide the masterpage into different frames of different sizes.

  9. please send me ccs file of the this master page.
    thank you.

  10. I found the video excellent, I would appreciate a copy of the CSS.

    Thanking you.

  11. Krishan

    Hi, This is really awesome too,
    Can I have the .css file so that I can go over it. I have absolutely no idea about CSS.

    Thanks very much.

  12. vidhya

    hi could u plz send me the .css file and master page code of this video. It would be very useful for my learning. thanks

  13. Michael

    Can you email me the css file for this master page please?
    Thank You

  14. How do we go to the next video? You could say it at the end of each video or find some other way. If you presentation is a series people can follow it is do much better than individual pieces of information

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