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ASP.NET Login Controls
ASP.NET Login Control

Login control display a standard user login form with two text boxes that user can use to input their username and password in order to get access to private content on the website. The Login control supports lots of properties that can be used to modify the Look and feel and the functionalities of the control. If you want to access a page that requires authentication ASP.NET will automatically redirect you to the Login page, and after you have been authenticated you will be redirected back to the original page that you wanted to access

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  1. Damola Moronkeji

    Thanks for your videos, it has been very informative. However, I am experiencing a 404 problems with my login controls (login and registration) after I had published my website and it’s no longer running on local host server.
    I can’t seem to be able to login or register using the form I created using the login control, I think it couldn’t communicate with the server or do I need to write some codes in the web.config file?

    I’d appreciate any tips you might have to help resolve this problem.

    Thank you.

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