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Adding Users To ASP.NET Roles

In this video we’ll test all the codes and pages that we have added to our website, we’ll test to see if an authenticated user from one role can access the page from another role. We’ll use the 3 different registration pages to register two users each and then after creating these users we’ll check to see if they have been added to the role

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  1. susmithaenaganti

    thank u for hosting usefull Vedio tutorial

  2. Prakash

    Thanks a lot for posting very good Video’s. It helped me to Learn Lot.


  3. hnzzlb

    thank you very much!
    everything is perfect, life for sharing!

  4. Hemant

    Thanks,ASP.NET video Tutorials,it is great experience for learning the through video & useful for future work.

  5. Saudip

    Highly appreciate your effort that really rendered all complicated concepts of ASP.NET into an easy and fun learning session while avoiding to browse through thousands of pages in the books.

    Would request to please send me the link for the advanced videos on ASP.NET encompassing :
    1. Data base connectivity
    2. JQUERRY
    3. AJAX…etc.

    Please send it ASAP.

  6. razoky

    Thank you for the tutorial, very complete.

  7. mr_know

    This is the best tutorial i had ever taken online. It was exactly what i was looking for to start into the world. Thank you for your dedication and kindness for sharing all that valuable knowledge here.

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